Apple Mac Computers

As the use of Macs increases for both business and personal use, so does the malicious activity directed against them.


A robust backup strategy is vital to protect data, finances, reputation and legal compliance.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Knowing how you are going to maintain ‘business as usual’ is vital.


Managing the safe use of employees’ personal devices in your organisation.


Dispose of computers and mobile devices correctly to avoid information being accessed - even if you thought it was deleted.


A firewall is a barrier between the internet and your computers or network – preventing unauthorised visits to or egress from your systems.

IT Support

Find a supplier who can demonstrate expertise in providing security advice and resolution.

Mobile Devices

What you need to know about safe usage of smartphones and tablets.

Network & Computer Security

The internet has made securing networks and computers a considerably challenging task.

PBX Fraud

Set up your business PBX phone system to avoid fraud

Physical Security

Physical security is equally important as online security in protecting your devices and networks.

Unnecessary Services

Redundant systems & services should be thoroughly decommissioned to minimise security risks.

User Accounts

In any organisation where more than one person has access to a computer or network, it is necessary to set up user accounts.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

The very important difference between company and consumer VPNs